Friday, April 30, 2010

I've been real happy with this ARkansas amsonia on the south side of the porch. lots of pretty light blue flowers this year and last... I moved it early spring so it may not have come back as vigorous as before, but this summer's growth will make up for the move. the leaves on this in fall have a nice bright orangy yellow glow.

the north bed, first to bloom was the Allium, the purple smokebush had blooms for the first time this spring, it's about 3 years old but took it's time getting established, I'd purchased it online dry root which explains the time it took to grow, plus it got mowed in half once... lots of daylilies and some peonies in this bed, all of which I'm sure need more room....

here are 3 blooms this year on my slowly but surely growing red buckeye tree... I just can't wait until 5 or 10 more years from now when this thing is 2 feet taller and covered in blooms....patience is a part of gardening after all.


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