Monday, June 22, 2015


more June flowers.......

Siloam Goliath above and a seedling from last year that's sort of a bridge plant right now. below are photos of Small World Blues Music and Soleil Soleil

container with a good combo of colors

"unusual forms"...

Dark Zero Thirty and North Wiind Moe above and below is a nice red cabbage (for color).

above show Hot Papaya echinacea and an amaryllis north of the house. Below is a photo of one I've been waiting for Furgalisus! :)

daylilies in June

Princess Otahki and a Lilyland seedling above. below are photos of Bold Awakening.

rainy day photo of a  seedling from last summer.......

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

diploid seedlings...

how beautiful these two siblings are above, both doubles from Julia's Love. the 2nd photo above is from Siloam Rhinestone and I wish it didn't have such pointed sepals. Below shows a color break but it wasn't like that on other blooms. the next one is another Siloam Rhinestone cross.

below is a Midnight Smoke Rings baby, so "blue" but only before lunch. After that it fades out. and the last one is a double that I'm not sure what cross. but interesting form.

diploid daylilies June...

Above is Blue Balloon and Amazonian Fever.  the photos below show Midnight Barbara Blossum and Self Implode.

Above photos show Siloam Fashion Quilt and Midnight Grape Splash.  Below is Zero Dark Thirty


double daylilies June

below is SFxSLDC3 and next is a little double from Siloam Queen Bee, SQBdbl.  the photos below are Lilyland's Melon Sorbet and another seedling SFxSLD4

below is the little double from above, maybe I'll name it Little Fireball. and the two blooms in the last photo are seedling JLB1 and JLB2

beginning June garden......

Above shows the Hot Papaya echinacea beginning to bloom. Next is an asiatic lily. below, another echinacea growing strong, it's name is secret something?..the next photo below is from a planter on the front porch geraniums, plumbago, and vinca, simple and sweet and great combo!

photo above from north of the front porch, the asiatic lilies have really spread out there. Below is a photo of a red amaryllis and a fancy hibiscus "Lady Creole."


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