Monday, January 20, 2014

flower from summer 2013

these are some photos I never posted, I don't think. but I'm looking back over my photos. This first photo is a seedling have had for many years, and I just like the nice big and tall blooms. the second photo is Midnight Barbara Blossom.  I have found that having different companion plants in the daylily beds help me locate where a photo was taken. ha

THe photoe above is a seedling I like for the bright green bean throat. it's not the best performer though. the next photo above is Midnight Spirit World.  It's not the clearest bloom on this day, but the lighter eye is nice and on this day it really blended well with the pink flowers on the heuchara below.

I may have already posted one of these, more photos of a seedling I liked last summer with light light pink and whitish water mark blending into the yellow throat. so nice.


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