Sunday, February 2, 2014

so many different directions to go....

I've been looking around at different hybridizer's seedling photos and thought I'd post a few I thought looked interesting.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

winter online surfing.............daylilies of course

This time of year I'm always doing lots of online searching.  Only thing to do outside is just walk around and look at the names of labels to remember where things are.  I have also been mulching a lot on nice days and pulling up weeds.  By buying 4 or 5 bags of mulch on the weekends, it doesn't feel like I'm spending tons of money by buying it all at once. I mulch in the fall but I'm lazy about raking up fallen leaves in the fall.  This time of year, I'll clean up all the dead growth and large fallen leaves, and then mulch with ground up leaves with pine bark mulch on top.  Otherwise the leaves will all blow away, lots of strong winter winds blowing around here.
( X )squared = 
While searching through daylilies online, I came across this one a while back. Arno's Bow Tie from Pinewood Daylilies. A new and very expensive daylily. I hope to have it in my yard one year just for the bright contrast and bold color! however $135 is way out out there for me to spend on a daylily.  I do like studying the path to getting these flowers.  Arno's Bow Tie is a cross of what seems to be sibling crosses, listed as (Artificial Intelligence x Malachite Prism) x (Artificial Intelligence x Malachite Prism). I'm posting photos of each, it would be really interesting to see the two parents that came from these 2 flowers that got Arno's..... What an accomplishment!
 X  =  Another cross I found that was pretty interesting was from the Greywood Farm website, the flowers by Mike Maher.  I grow A Day at the Peach, and saw a cross of that X Greywood's Toothache Purple. How about that throat and halo, and such colors! really  makes it interesting to think of the way things combine and end up with the color spread more onto the petals. wonderul.


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