Wednesday, July 9, 2014

more photos from Bouman's garden during Region 11 tour summer 2014

The first 3 photos above are Butter Cream (Whatley 1998), Orchid Waterfall (Stamile 2004), and Thingamajig (Selmon 2011)
Below are photos of Free Wheelin' (Stamile  2004), San Picked Me (Bouman 2006) and Symphony Chorus (Bouman 2006).

the rest of the photos below show Damn the Torpedoes (Petit 2011), Peanut's Sunrise (J Brown 2004), and Elijah (Allgood 1973)

more from AHS region 11 garden tour, Bouman garden.............

The photos above show River Wind (B Holley 2012) and Amethyst Veil (Morss 2007),
below are photos of Boney Maroney (Kehl 1994) and Mary Lou Farrow (Krattli 2010).

below are photos of Paris Overture (Munson 1984), Viva Pinata (Gossard 2007), and Intelligent Design (Emmerich 2003).

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

more July blooms..........

The photos above show Gene Walker and Midnight Country Blues.
Below are photos of Siloam Holland's Choice, a BIG flower but very short and pale. What I prefer are very bold bright colors, and having Siloam Andrew Trotter on both sides of the house gives some shine and attention getting from the street. :)

Below are photos of Princess Otahki and a seedling . I may have posted some of these flowers before, but I think these are different photos. :P

Sunday, July 6, 2014

flowers and plants SUnday...........................................:)

I smile at this planter about every morning, cuz I'm happy with the grouping of colors. I bought all these plants at a nursery in St. Louis during Regionals. Wishing Well salvia, dark burgundy coleus, peachy salmony verbena and lemon licorice plant. hope they keep filling it. :)
below is a splothcy Siloam John Holland but I liked how it was hugging up to the balloon flower this morning. and next is Midnight Aura with some Heuchera, and Lake Norman Spider.

Below are photos of Lightning Flash coreopsis, you should grow this somewhere sunny just for its leaf color, really brightens up the center of the garden. :)  and finally BIG BIG Siloam Goliath. I'm still trying to get the pollen to stick to something, alas. ha

Saturday, July 5, 2014

long weekend and more blooms this morning! ........................................

The photos above are Party Array and Siloam Headlight. Below are photos of Siloam Sambo, and a seedling from Siloam Sunburst, Manits you had asked about that one so here's a photo of the flower. I do like the rich reddish melon hues of this one.

the photos above show my namesake flower,  Siloam Dean's Circle! :)  and then Tuscawilla Snowdrift, which has made a nice clump and has lots of blooms the whole season. Below, the photos are Paul Owens' Friends With Benefits and Siloam Pink Elegance... to enjoy a larger view. :)

More Marama and holiday garden shots...............

more photos of Marama above, and below a Pineapple lily starting to bloom, yay!

the house with red white and blue, and some oriental lilies out front........... :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

a few flowers from July 3rd..............................:)

The photos above show the flag up for the fourth ! and Siloam Goliath, and a garden shot of Jason Salter, Midnight Smoke Rings, and Green Treat together. :)
the photos below show Navy Jag (M Skinner 2008) and Planetary Purple again, and the last is a reddish sort of seedling I'm watching from last year.


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