Wednesday, June 30, 2010

siloam doubles....

from what I've been reading about double daylilies, I can see that Mrs. Henry's are the "peony" type with petaloids formed. I have very few, and one them is has no ID, but I know it's siloam something...

The first is Siloam Stinnett's Delight. It has a really bright cheeriness to the coloring. This clump one bloomed and bloomed this summer. The second is Siloam Holy City, a creamier smaller double, also bloomed well over time.

No ID on this one, perhaps someone will recognise it? this one was one of my first to bloom this year and still has a few buds on it! was one great great clump.

I really like this bright Siloam Perry Dyer. I need to get a better pic of this with the red crocosmia surrounding it. great show

of course, my favorite double is Siloam Dean's Double. this one blooms every other day and really lasts over time later in the season... peachy pink depending on the day,light, temp, etc...

Monday, June 28, 2010

June summer tour....

Well I wasn't able to go with the COHS garden tour and trip to regionals in St Louis last weekend, so I"m posting pics of my own garden tour at home. just thought it would be fun to share what's growing out there in my small yard.

This pic is on the north side of the house. I sometimes will put a candle in the blue insulator hanging there.

This is a nice clump of Siloam Ury Winniford which is nice and tall and good behind other daylilies, also nice with purply dark leaved plants behind it.

Southwest side of the house in front....

this picture is north side of the house. I like using tropical houseplants in the garden during the summer, such as the rubber tree in this pic. I like the dark glossy color of the leaves.

These pics show how I like putting the purple drumstick allium in my daylily bed for the COLOR. the daylilies here are bold colors of S. Copper Kettle, S. Sleigh Ride, and S. Queen Bee.
there's a small slowgrowing tree in the middle of this bed called a Tricolor Beech, but it won't last much longer in this heat, although it does come back with beautiful leaves in spring....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

double or nothing .....

I was mighty pleased with the above bloom when this seedling opened a few weeks ago. It was a lot nicer and bigger than last summer and I began thinking, oh what a nice clump that will make someday....then a few days later I get a bloom with some doubling on the right side....and I thought, hmm a monstery deformed thing....
which was followed by a bloom the few days with doubling on the left...I thought, now what?
and then a few days later this bloom opened and finally I see a fully double bloom. took me by surprise that morning as I was coming around from the other side of the house. Yes, I like big doubles. It's really quite fun to mix around pollen and see what flowers you can end up with. A serious hybridizer might take this and develop consistency of doubling, better branching and bud count etc... but I'm only pollenating for fun, and what I like I'll keep. What I don't like can get thrown out or to a neighbor. This one I'll keep. Double or no, I like it! :P

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

mix 'em up!

so how many plants do you see in the above photo? How many can you name? this is a nice shady place in the garden....

and here's a nice group of daylilies in a bed near the street...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Siloam Rhinestone!

the above pics are exactly what I woke up to the day AFTER the COHS daylily show. I've tried to include some pics of different blooms to try and show the unique color of this daylily.

I have this near the house and next year it will go right out front street side to add some bright color to the view there (and just MAYBE I'll have to change my rule about not liking bi-tone petals... but this flower is probably the ONLY exception...ha).
I have been really pleased since last year the blooms were faded and not so great, this summer I can really see the glory of Siloam Rhinestone, nice color, form, and nice increase in fans. It's really trying to make a stand as a jewel in my garden. Mrs. Henry definitely came up with just the right name for this one.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

COHS daylily show...2010

great time Saturday at the Daylily show at the Will Rogers Garden Center in OKC. My first to experience and enter since I've joined the Central Oklahoma Hemerocallis Society. It was great to see members brind in various entries if not for competition then just to share what everyone is growing. I also got the opportunity to serve as "clerk" during the judging which allowed me to hear what will win or lose points on a flower and stem. We had an early peak this year for blooming, but everyone brought what they could.

above is an entry of "Siloam Queen Bee" which I didn't quite groom right although they say more blooms is a better show. but it's one of my favorites in the garden. I probably sounded like a broken record telling everyone how my house is grey with navy shutters and how this flower just pops out in front of it. the flower above on the right was the entry that one my first purple ribbon. yeah. "Tuscawilla Snowdrift" which has blooming for a while and forms a nice nice clump in the corner of a bed in the front garden.
off scape entries since I couldn't bear to cut stems of these flower... Siloam Sleigh Ride and Siloam Copper Kettle (my all time favorite in the garden!).
the fun part of showing is learning of new flowers you might like to grow. Here are ones I wanted to remember, Little Peter Piper and Grey Witch.
Clint Barnes who one best in show with King Kahuna, a double daylily. this is the winners table where member Laurie and club president Brenda also had winning entries.

Friday, June 11, 2010

siloam fashion quilt

Almost forgot I got this one last summer until the buds started forming and looking purple. The marking on the label had faded away...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Julia's Love

really enjoying this new addition to the garden this summer. "Julia's Love" which I hope to pollenate with some other doubles in the yard.... it is really outstanding and I look forward to getting a good clump going... I'm certain there will be future posts with pics of this one yet this summer...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is here already

Siloam Amazing Grace was one of the first to bloom this season and what a nice clump I have going on here in front of the house.

new to the garden this spring is "Midnight Grape Splash." It really is very grapey! ALso a very early bloomer.

And her eis my very own Spotted Fever which bloomed for the first time with a nice pair. can't wait for this to spread out into a clump... very nice.

shade garden and front nw corner of the house, very pleased with Hosta Francis Williams. It just seems to glow under those purply shrubs especially when the sun's about to go down...


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