Sunday, June 30, 2013

dl blooms have a peaked out, but a few still linger...

photo above from the corner bed, a seedling from summer '11 that is mostly double, here it is only halfway there. but I still like it when it doubles completely it's globular like.  S. Rhinestone in the back there peeking in.  Photo below is yet another seedling from the S. Rhinestone cross, just when I was getting bored of the seedling beds yesterday with nothing new really showing etc.... today this surprised me with it's watermark and bitone petals. :)

the last photo shows Siloam Green Creek.
click on any photo for larger view and thanks for looking. :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Siloam daylilies at June's end...

the two flowers above are Siloam Flat Flat and the next is an echinacea 'Papaya'

Woo hoo!!! the pic above and below(couldn't decided between the two, oops).....finally got this to grow and bloom in my yard! FFO today of Siloam Olin Frazier.. welcom welcome you are, and please stay and thrive! :) the 2nd photo below is Siloam Dean's Double.

one more photo, the NE shady bed,  I have the perilla growing where I've left it, the seeds come up everywhere! and I think you can see that my style with daylilies is mostly nice solid colors that mix in with other foliage.  cloudy day today so that means I can do lots of outside work today! ha let's go

Friday, June 28, 2013

hosta video...

vamos a ver what's blooming Friday....

the pics above are Siloam Fashion Quilt and another pic of A Day at the Peach, it was less windy for a change this morning and I was able to get a good photo of that one. :)

pics above are Siloam Golden Gate which had a poly this morning :), and Siloam Joel's Double

photo above shows a nice mix of purple pepper and strawflower plant w/ a little red pepper behind, i wsh the purple vinca were blooming more here for the effect I want but it'll grow in soon. :)

I posted a photo of this seeding HO5 yesterday but the lighting was better this morning, I'd love to keep crossing this until there was a flower with light pink and a more distinct big light yellow/white watermark-eye-throat! :)

this seedling has lots of buds and still blooming, if I were to ever register this one, I'd like to call it something with Blue Valentine in the name, what'dya think?.. ha

Thursday, June 27, 2013

siloam daylilies blooming and a few seedling photos....

Siloam David Kirchoff and Siloam Perry Dyer above....

This one is new this year, Siloam John Holland....

seedling MSR1 out in the backyard, it sure has pretty colors and bitone but the form is not much.....still i took a photo

I may have already posted this cross HO4 out of S Rhinestone, but of the 4 or 5 I have with a watermark, this one might be my favorite....

the photo above is Siloam Jack Sprat

another cross, HO5, with a sort of bright center watermark...

haven't thought much of this seedling blah pink, but it's been trying to double and today it got a little more of doubling on it so I took the photo as record. :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

all sizes and shapes Wednesday......... Daylilies

the two flowers above are Princess Otahki (Niswonger '06) and Little Flirt (L Lenington '63)

nice big clump of Gary Player (Elliot '96). this thing just blooms and blooms, so healthy

these last two photos show the first full opening of Tylwyth Teg (Whitacre '88) and then another bloom on bonus plant I got this spring Lilylands Melon Sorbet (S Nall '11).

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday flowers still blooming in June,...

I got this lacecap Hydrangea 'Shooting Star' (although online there are many other names)  at a Whole Foods grocery store in Austin a few years ago, and it never bloomed again. This last winter I brought it inside instead of leaving it outside all winter and that really helped. turns out it blooms on old wood so I'll bring it in again this winter so as not to kill it back to the roots.  I couldn't be more thrilled to see it bloom again.

two seedlings, the first one is pretty regular looking but I like the when there is a dark ring around a lighter eye like that, and the 2nd one above is sort of an interesting pink, but I'll have to see this afternoon if it stays or fades etc.....

wow, lots of blooms on Grey Witch this morning, this thing is in the shade and has increase greatly in just 2 years! and that was even through the droughts. ha.  BELOW is that spider surprise seedling that I already posted and then the last pic is Siloam Ebony Doll, doesn't it look like it could just match a Dr. Pepper can? ha

Monday, June 24, 2013

more blooms to start of the week!

the first flower above is a seedling out of some Siloam crosses, it's ALMOST as big as S. Goliath and has good buds and thick substance, alas it's probably not a whole lot different than S. Amazement which hasn't bloomed yet, but when it does I'll compare them. the next one above is HO4 another S. Rhinestone cross. It would be interesting to see if you could get a green/white/pink or purple combo going, I like that watermark!

Echinacea 'Hope'

my FFO on Happy Apache and  a few blooms on a seedling reject from way back when I worked for Mrs. Henry in Siloam Springs, sort of a bitone rich red...

Siloam Ury Winneford is such a great small and tall highlight in my garden! and the next pic above shows Siloam Big Show. This last photo below shows a seedling from Siloam Sunburst X unknown. I like that orange red color. I'm not crazy about midribs though. this one's not so bad and pretty cheery ha.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunny and Windy in OKC this morning.... a few more weekend blooms.

Siloam Goliath FFO and new the bed this year. I like it! :) the second one is a surprise seedling that opened up as this sort of velvety red spider....I was thinking, hey I never crossed any spiders, ha.

I bought this yucca plant 2 years ago and have been patiently WAITING for a bloom, finally this year. :)

the two above are Jason Salter (EH Salter '87) always nice, and Midnight Kenyan Safari (R Anderson '07) a different ruddy terra cotta color for the bed.

I have this in 3 places and none bloomed with the drought last year, so here they go this summer, yay! Midnight Spirit World (R Anderson '06) although I swore I'd never cross anything without a nice full form, I'm crossing this w/ S. Rhinestone to see what I can do with water marks etc... :)

weekend blooms early Saturday....

took a few shots of things blooming before leaving on the tour Saturday, thought I'd share 'em....

Siloam Queen Bee (Henry '93) always looks good among the purperilla  and the 2nd one above is Gene Walker (J Carpenter '95)

here is the daylily I got at our Daylily show/sale 2 years ago, grew into a real nice clump in to years Green Gates (Vizvarie? I bought it from him but don't find in AHS registry...hmmm)

and the last two here are Siloam Pink Elegance (Henry '91) and Siloam Dean Reusser (Henry '93), a personal favorite ;) !


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