Monday, July 29, 2013

more flowers from Loon Song Garden....

photos above show Ambrosia Rows and a double called Dashing Double ( Kirchhoff 1994).
below is one that got my attention from across the yard, Bass Gibson (Rice 2006)

The two photos above show Sir Elton (Warrell 2006) and Chalk Talk (Warrell 2006).
Below shows a mini I really liked and want, Cast a Spell (Stamile 2000) and Lights of Detroit (Weston 1982).

bus #2 to Mike and Kathy Lamb's garden...........

The photo above shows Catcher in the Eye (Kinnebrew 2001) and then some old farm equipment.
below was a beautiful clump in their historical bed, Atlas (Kraus 1950). and an old tractor by their historic barn on the property.

the photo above shows Spartacus Adorned (C Hansen 1999) and a garden view.
Below is a photo of Avatar (Tankesley-Clarke 1989).

daylilies from the Turtle Creek garden tour...

the above photos are Echinacea 'Oragne passion' and Stenciled Impressions (Stamile 2002).
 Below are photos of When You're Lonely (Rice 2008) and Prismatic (BB Brooks 2004).

The photos above are Clark Gable (Kirchhoff 2004) and Mighty Highty Tighty (Hobbs 1987).
Below are photos of Margo Reed Indeed (Murphy 2004) and Bi Eyed Baby (Carpenter 1995).

This last photo shows a daylily named for the garden host, North Wind Billet Doux (Schaben 2005).

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gene and Kyle Billadeau's garden on the AHS national convention tour...

tour bus #2 stopped first at this garden. It was pretty much everyone's favorite on the tour. SO much to see, plenty of daylilies and plenty of hostas and companion plants and everything else.  Lots and lots of excellent color combos throughout. Within minutes of beginning my walking around the grounds, I'd already found a plant I knew I'd want to try at home, the Euphorbia below. ha

the photos above are Silver Edgings and Nekkid Lady doing a Jiggy Dance. Below is the backyard....gasp!

photos above are North Wind Moe, which was my favorite and I voted on it for the best UF/Spider in the convention, but something else won, alas.... :) .  the 2nd was is Seventy Six Trombones.
Below is the backyard path and a photo of the Tiger eyes sumac in the front.

this last photo shows the front drive with little houses in the bed.

rosa glauca!

I saw this rosebush at Steve Horan's garden in Minneapolis this last weekend during the AHS regionals and now I;m probably going to have to try growing one. I like plants with the dark purply-red coloring in leaves or stems. :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

more late July flowers, daylilies too! ------------------------------:)

the two photos above are Plant It Back (Nall) which I just got this spring and really should not let bloom but I couldn't resist just a couple, the rest I'm breaking off.  I look forward to a stronger plant next summer and see this thing double, especially if it poly's and doubles! woo hoo. pretty pretty... and the next one is Marama (Mahieu/Burris) which I've posted before. :)
below is an update on a pod on the Korean Angelica, Gigas angelica that is about to put a bloom forth, probably while I'm out of town this weekend. when I get back I'll find a nice bloom open hopefully.

the photo above is another pineapple lily, this one is greener with white little blooms with a bit of purple in the middle. very nice and finally bloomed. and below, is my planter with the purslane, vinca, and purple pepper. The dark vince I got some in Dallas last year, and this year I found it at Lowe's here in OKC. so keep a look out. it's a fun accent! the last photo is a tropical hibiscus. I have big plans for tropical hibiscus next summer. by plans, I mean I've ordered some cool looking varieties on the internet and it will be an experiment to see if I can keep them living over the winter and then moved outside and successfully bloom next summer... anyway, click on any pic for larger view.

late July blooms..

above is a photo of a pineapple lily blooming nicely this summer.  Below are photos of Siloam Pink Elegance and Siloam Golden Gate.

below is a nice planter combo of scabiosa, straw flower and vinca. it's hard to see in the photo but I really like the way the strawflowers match the inside eye of the vinca. the daylily below is Jeffcoat Style (Owens '12).

Friday, July 19, 2013

july rains bring more flowers.... :)

pics above show a new echinacea "hot papaya" I think... and then a new flower from Paul Owens, Friends With Benefits...I think it's usually a bolder pink, but this was in the rain.  Speaking of rain, below is a photo of rain lilies... anyone else grow there, I think they are only hardy in zone 7 and south. but they couldn't be easier to just pop in the ground and a day after a heavy rain. flowers!

another lily below, Candy Lilies! Iris x norissi , small little flowers on high stems keeps something blooming after the daylily show. :)


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