Saturday, August 10, 2013

photos from D. Pruden's daylily garden...

the photo above shows Goldner's Gift with a little frog! so cute.. These photos are from another display garden I visited last weekend while on vacation. Diane Pruden's garden in Millford, MI.  What a large field of flowers! we walked up and down the rows with so many flowers I'd never seen in person.  I tried to take lots of photos but the clouds were not cooperating so many turned out to bright.  I bought about 6 that were dug up for me before leaving. :)
The photos below show one that I forgot to ID, and the next one is High Priestess

below are photos of Magana (Mahieu 2003) and Jungle Fowl (Mahieu 2003)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

more from the visit of Phyllis's garden in West Bloomfield, MI...

Phyllis had so many beautiful flowers blooming and such a great collection of UF's and spiders! here are some more photos from my visit last weekend.  the photos above are a huge yellow seedling she had grown. I want some of that big ole thing! ha...  and next is Tanimbar Cockatoo (Mahieu 2003).
below are photos of Spirit of Sapelo (N Roberts 2003) and Zoot Sims (D Bachman 2003).

the photos above show Desert Icicle (N Roberts '95) and a view of the wonderful yard surrounded by trees.  I was so jealous of the wondrous Fagus sylvatica 'Tricolor Beech' such a beautiful tree. I tried one here in OKC but it died last summer what with 2 droughts back to back... alas!
the photos below shows Swaziland (Mahieu 2003). again I was so excited to see so many Mahieu introductions. :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Display Garden in West Bloomfield while on vacation in Michigan!

Right after Nationals last weekend, I turned around and made a road trip up to west of Detroit Michigan last week.  I was pleased to find a few display gardens with owners who welcomed me to see the daylilies. These flowers are from Phyllis Cantini's gardens.  It was so much fun to walk along her flower beds and she guided me through all the flowers she's growing.  She has a liking for spiders and UF's and quite a collection including many from Ned Roberts.  I couldn't stop photographing the many many blooms!
The photo above shows Never Say Never (C Hanson 2000).
 the photos below show Priscilla's Rainbow (Spalding '85) and Diabolique (Lambert '87) which I really liked for the stripes! :)\

The photos above show Chokecherry Mountain (N Roberts 2002) and Bonniebrae the Freak (Matthie 2011).  Below are photos of Eggplant Electricity (M Reed 2003) and Moonlit Pirouette (King-Lamone 1999).

click on any photo for larger views. let me know which ones you like or is a favorite. IF you like spiders and UF's that is..... :)

few more photos from the last garden on the tour last weekend...

the first photo above is a hosta called "Whirlwind" I really like it. These photos are from the last garden on the tour last weekend... below is a photo of a hosta I want, Revolution. and the daylily below is 'Wild Berries 'N Cream' (Begnaud 1998).

and this next daylily below is called 'In with the Out Crowd' (J Davisson 2008).

Saturday, August 3, 2013

from the National tour , bus #2's stop at Steve Horan's garden

these photos are from Steve Horan's garden during the tour.  The first photo above was one of my favorites, Teenie Girl (Reinke 2005) and the next photo shows a rose bush I'm definitely ordering this fall for a trial in my beds, Rosa Glauca. I love stuff with purply red grey colors...
Below is a photo of Caitlyn McKenzie (Val-Hansen 2006)  although I don't grow tetraploids, and the other one below just GLOWED in the shade where Steve had it planted, Follow Yellow Brick Road (Gossard 2008).

The setting above really caught my attention and I hope to duplicate with a planter in the middle and long airy guara hanging surrounding and hanging over from pots. Below is the daylily I bought right when I got home, North Wind Moe  and another I can only find online in Canada but will continue searching... Old Termite. what a great/brown wonder!

Another great thing in the backyeard was this water feature and when I noticed the Japanese Maple planted there in the middle of things, I had to ask whether the roots were invasive, and Steve didn't seem to think so. Now i can add Japanes Maple to my list of trees I want to trial this fall in my OKC garden!!! (  I'll try the 'Flamingo' variety which is pinker in the spring)

another garden from the tour, McGraw's....

A cool morning starting out last weekend Saturday and day 2 of our garden tours at nationals. My bus 2 began at the garden of Judie Mcgraw, First thing that made me grab my camera were the tropical hibiscus blooming on the back porch. shown above.
 The daylilies below are Heavenly Angel Ice (Gossard 2004) and Barometer Soup (E Shooter 2000).

The two daylilies above are Wilson Spider (Oakes '87) and Battle of Jericho (Emerrich 2007).

Friday, August 2, 2013

more garden tour from Minn.

Karol Emmerich's place was amazing.  A grand restored house and barn up on top of a hill outside of town.
the property was full of flowers, all daylilies!  we were there on a sort of cold afternoon so not the best time for photos.  and of course most flowers were tetraploids which I don't grow much. but here are some photos.

these photos are all seedling numbers, except the last one is called Vertical Horizons (Moldovan).


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