Sunday, April 21, 2013

april woodland phlox

I got this woodland phlox a few years ago and it's spreading a bit more every year. what a great early spring color, and it's unassuming and lies easy among other shade plants during the rest of summer. I like the pop of color it gives from the street.

early april garden

here are few photos of the tulip clusiana. I'm pleased with their return each year,this is the 3rd year, and they are in the dryest shady place fo the garden and keep coming back. how easy it was to just throw the bulbs in the ground and now this seasonal early show each year.
antoher photo shows the limbs down after the ice storm we had. did a real job to my fend and gate. Although it fell all over the daylilies in the bed ear the fence, most of them have grown back just fine, a few were chopped in half though. ah well. the last photo is a few dark colored tulips next to a winter kale, which I've already pulled up, I don't like when they start making the yellow flowers and they get tossed. ha


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