Friday, January 15, 2010

some of last year's successful plants...

I was happy with the way all these plants ended up looking together as they grew throughout the summer. so much color with just a variety in foliage. the colius and purple heart made a good contrast with the gray and blue-green shades. the yellow and green amaranthus was a monster a month after this pic. I'll definitely plant lots more amaranthus this next year.
this has to be one of the best set and forget plants for OKC summers. this hibiscus is on the side of the house between mine and the house on the north and I forget it's there sometime, and just look how it blooms. I collected these seeds from hibiscus plants at the state capitol. hardy hardy ( although I think it might get some watering from the draining of the neighbor's AC..)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Last season daylily purchases and what I'm looking forward to seeing this spring..

These are pics of the daylilies I aquired last fall and planted in my flower beds. I now await spring and to see if they will grow for me and bloom as beautifully as these photos from other gardens.....

Midnight Grape Splash and Midnight Mountain Aura

Siloam Pink Cloud and Little Red Flirt

Spotted Fever and Julia's Love

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

dark stemmed daylilies....

Here are three examples of dark stemmed daylilies I found online, the first being a parent of the rest. Sir Blackstem which is a basic yellow color. I thought the second and third choices were appealing for the contrast of either the orange tones or the creamy white tones against the dark stems. Too expensive to own at this point but definitely on my future search out and aquire list!

Sir Blackstem, Midnight Kenyan Safari, and From Darkness Comes Light


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