Sunday, June 26, 2011

purple power

above is 'Midnight Spirit World' with a lovely light glowy eye zone. It's been affected by the HEAT HEAT here in okc this sumemr, but I expect to be all the more beautiful in more normal summers of the future (I'm optimistic for Oklahoma I know) also I can't wait to see what a nice big clump in the middle of the bed will look like with this one.Below are photos of 'Siloam Fashion Quilt', again affected by the heat but look at the eyezone into the throat. bright plum purple....mmm

and I'm throwing in a few more pics of the summer garden. some bold color mix with the shady green plants, Siloam Rhinestone and Siloam Andrew Trotter among the purperilla (sp?). and again the Rudbeckia next to an orchidy daylily seedling on its way out to some family member's flowerbeds this fall....(my nice way of "culling") but I htought they ended up looking nice near one another this morning. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

what I got at the flower show...

there were some flowers for sale at our local OKC daylily show last weekend, lots even had blooms on them. I saw the three blooms arranged in the first pic below and was lucky to find one for sale. It's a diploid "Green Gates" from Hybridizer Chris Vizvarie. I'm happy to have it. the last pic is a little unnamed seedling he was selling for $5. can't go wrong for that price and look at the pattern and colors on that little thing. :)
If you can find a local daylily show in your area, GO! you'll see what others are growing in your zone and also you get a chance to see things bloom in person.

bold June color

these flowers really catch the eye from the road, the deep bright red of Siloam Sleigh Ride, and then Siloam Flat Flat which is exactly true to name, and the last one is always a standout, I have it in a few places to provide that pop among all the green and other colors around the yard. Siloam Andrew Trotter. I really do like a good bold solid colored daylily. however I think next year I'm going to get a few spiders for the back of the bed for the height and texture.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy'

I have this in two places in the garden and look forward to seeing it bigger and better next year. :)

2's company 3's a crowd...

Above are Siloam David Kirschoff and Princess Otahki , very nice blooms showing. and below are pictures of Sienna Sunset and a happy looking red daylily I was allowed to keep from Pauline Henry's reject pile long ago.

these last two pics are Grey Witch and then a little bird ornament I picked up at the Dogwood Festival in Siloam Springs a few years ago

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday June garden pics...

Siloam Ralph Henry, a really nice one. next the echinacea 'Hope" mixed in there...
below is Siloam College Street, pretty yellow with a nice fringe. next Siloam Bones Londagin and then another pic of Midnight Aura next to the cool colored planter.

more june daylilies...

first pic is Gary Player, a new one to the yard this year, very nice light purple. I forget why I bought this, I think I saw it was the parent of something too expensive that I liked. but I can say it had lots of scapes and blooms for its first year. WHen I got it last summer I stuck it in a pot in the back yard and it kept healthy and came back strong this spring. yippee. the next two are Midnight SMoke RIngs which I love and have in 3 places this summer and then SIloam David Kirchoff. these two flowers share the different shading that happens in hot/cool weather when they open. but always pretty I think.

last one is my personal favorite daylily which grows all over the house but blooms sporadically sometimes gorgeous, but most of the times withering little brown buds. blah, this year being so hot I got more shriveled buds that usual. phooey. SIlaom Copper Kettle, when it does bloom it really shines. :) I love the way it looks next to the golden tansy and drumstick allium. If you're not already growing drumstick allium, it's cheap and easy enough you should for some bold purple in the garden.
last photo is a light grean coleus I've been really happy with between hosta 'Francis Williams' and my new fothergilla 'Blue Shadow' bush. Can't wait to see if it will have the fall color I'm hoping for. :)
click on any photo for larger view.

Friday, June 17, 2011

june garden...

Grey Witch was a new one in my yard this year and my first spider, ha. the next one is Gene Walker,I tried planting a dark purple leaved plant behind in but it didn't grow in enough..
Midnight Grape Splash is always bright and standing out, next is a garden view.
below I thought I'd throw in a pic of Rudbeckia or Coneflower swimming in the air like little jellyfish,. and then a picture of the shade bed. I really like the texture of the ground orchids with their big long leaves stretching out... :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

june garden blooms

this is Siloam Perry Dyer and Siloam Rhinestone
The next two are Siloam Green Creek and Sienna Sunset


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