Monday, June 30, 2014

more photos from Wells garden tour...................................

the photos above show Kaleidoscope Intrigue by Carpenter, Cherokee Mary (Lowder 1997), and Dashing Double (Kirchhoff 1994). below is another garden shot.

above shows the daylily Heavenly Tiger Tails (Gossard 2008)

More photos above and the daylily is Smoke Scream (Gossard 2004)

Below the photos show Rose Masterpiece (Stamile 1998), Let It Rip (Joiner 1997), and Evening Enchantment (Stamile 1995).

Wells garden from summer 2014 garden tour region 11.....................................

next on the tour was Michaels Wells garden outside of St. Louis. what a place!
below are photos of Fortune Berry (Kirchhoff 2005), Cloud Chaser (Gossard 2006), and Malaysian Marketplace (Salter 2006).

the photos below are Rudbeckia, Dancing Chevrons (Stamile 2007), and Mint Octopus (Stamile 2008).

another beautiful yard show, there were too many to try and see while we were on a timed tour. ha
below is one with a lot of "movement" Legs Limmer (Roberts 2005) and a clump of Viva Pinata by Gossard. Click on any photo to view large or go directly to Reussersgarden.blogspot  (.com) for a better slide view of the photos. :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

garden #2 on the St. Louis garden tour AHS regionals 11....................................

above photos show Mary Alice Stokes (D Hansen 2001), African Chant (Apps 1984), and Ruby Spider (Stamile 1991) of course it's always putting on a show. :)
The photos below are Raspberry Ripple Cupcake (T Herrington 2007) which I WANT, Fusion (Whatley 1994), and  a photo fo the nice water feature and our tour bus! ha

a few mix of shade plants, so hard for me to grow in hot dry summered Oklahoma! :(

two more photos, the back patio, I really liked the ornamental peach tree, and a close up of the daylily Wild and Wonderful (Stamile 2002)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday blooms, a little wet...............................................................:)

Above show photos of doubles! I love doubles. Siloam Ruby Christie, and then two seedling, one I call squiggly and the other called CCH. below is a coneflower 'Hope' I got from songsparrow gardens

Below the photos show Jason Salter, Siloam John Holland, and then a seedling I was not loving much at all but today it had some interesting color on it, we'll see if it blooms like this again or not or gets thrown out to the curb! ha

below is a seedling I'm calling pink on pink, going to see if grows any better next summer with more room.  and the next photo is North Wind Moe and then Golden Galaxy.

below shows a seedling, little diploid that bloomed its FFO this morning and probably because it was so cool out, doubt this coloring will be consistent but hope I can breed this into something interesting. ha

David Hoffman garden tour, region 11 AHS convention 2014

the photos above show Clearly a Thrill (J.Joiner 2007), Blissful Blackberry Pie (J Salter 2005), and Diana Grenfell (M Morss 2003).  Below are a few garden shots with various nice blends of plants.

Above shows photos of Wall of Fire (Emmerich 2010) and Wispy Rays (E Joiner 1998). Below are photos of Blonde on the Inside (H Douglas 2012) ,Tusk (J Trimmer 2008), and Frog's Eye (Stamile 2008).

the last photo below is Mint Octopus (M Stamile 2009).  I really like the last two photos with that green! :)


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