Tuesday, May 29, 2012

few more bloom pics before work in the morning

first pic is Gene Walker, but I really need to take a better pic, this was a quick one before going to work this morning. next is a red seedling I liked except I wish it wasn't so bitonal.
the last is a first for me in the yard this summer, Little Seasprite. I like the little ones that have 3 distinct colors and contrast. :) I need a better pic of this too but I had to leave early this morning and these are the last 2 buds on the plant. ha

other pics show this with a darker blue green sort of eye, but it looked for purpley blue this morning, either way I like it, and look forward to a nice little clump of it...of course.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

mem weekend blooms

new to the garden this year is Green Treat, and I like it! next pic is Siloam Fashion Quilt.

another new one for me this summer, Silaom Double Success ffo.... and then a nice little one Little Red Flirt.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

few more daylilies from end of May

here's an interesting seedling from a couple years ago, opening up nicely in this pic but sometimes it's spread out or folded up weird. Next is Julia's Love! put this in back or center of a bed, and woosh! get a nice clump going and it looks great!

Double River Wye, nice bright blooms and good airy height. the last one show the corner bed under the oak tree. :)

end of May, beginning of lots of blooms....

the first flower is Midnight Kenyan Safari, a really nice russet terra cotta colored flower with dark buds. next is Alley Cat Blues, a unique bitone - I like the veining! and third is a seedling from Siloam Rhinestone with a redder tone I think.

the yellow is Siloam College Street , so healthy and bright. Siloam Amazement's FFO this year wasn't as round as I'd like but nice and big and full of color. :) the last photo is a seedling unknown parentage but probably something Siloam like S. Pink Elegance would be my guess. it is a very pretty bright colored lily although flaws: the stems are a bit thin and curvy, and it sometimes doubles or half doubles, but I'm still keeping it! ha

Sunday, May 20, 2012

raniy day garden photos

here are the backsides of some "red" poppies I planted this spring, so they grew pretty short but still bloomed.

asiatic lilies and some color combos on the north side.

rainy day daylily blooms

above photos are Roses in Snow, Sienna Sunset, and Double River Wye

these next 3 are Midnight Aura which has such vivid colors, Spotted Fever which jsut keep puting out full big double speckly blooms, and the last one is a seedling from Siloam Night Rings, nothing new but I liked it's orchidy color and dark ring. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

may flowers...

planters on the front porch, I couldnt' decide between the two photos so I'm posting both. the first one is in better focus, but I like how the zoom lens pulled in the orange lilies from the background. :)

am pleased with the kniphofia out front, will want to get more next year.

poppies and other...

april flowers,

ranunculus, Peony 'Coral Charm', and a nice bright geranium

white iris from the sale last fall...


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